Air Powered Drivable Full Size LEGO Car

Air Powered Drivable Full Size LEGO Car

Combine 500,000 LEGO pieces and some air? A working LEGO car. Powered by compressed air (we think) and hundreds of tiny LEGO pistons, this full size car actually drives and steers. The wheels appear to be regular rubber tires instead of less-than-round LEGO brick tires but we’ll let that slide. I hope this is …

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License Plate FTW!

ftw license plate

License plate? Winning! Apparently the state of Florida DMV isn’t as up on their Internet acronyms as they should be. FTMFW!

Driving in Russia is Insane

driving in russia

Apparently this is what it’s like driving in Russia- just crazy shit after more crazy shit. As in that’s a screenshot above of actual dashboard video a guy took and not some video game. Literally unbelievable, you won’t be able to take your eyes off this video.

The reason for all …

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Squirrel vs. Lamborghini

excerpt thumb

What happens when a Lamborghini and a squirrel cross paths? Find out in the video above.

iPod Cord Car Repair


Well that’s one way to fix your bumper. Looks like that car got into an accident with Lady Gaga or the Mary Kay lady.

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What Happens If You Get into a Car Accident with a 6 Gallon Bucket of Paint in the Backseat

paint car accident1

This is the reason why you should always put your buckets of paint in the trunk, people. A South African car was carrying a 25 liter bucket of paint (about 6.5 gallons) when it hit another car head on. The occupants appear to be ok (except for the fact that they are completely …

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