LEGO New York City

lego new york city

Artist J.R. Schmidt has created a scale model of New York City entirely out of LEGO. Instead of a detailed, highly accurate scale model of all the buildings, he used a series of building elevation maps to simplify the structure. The result is beautiful, a true work of …

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Balloon Animal Dinosaur

balloon dinosaur

Very impressive balloon animal- a freakin’ dinosaur. This might explain how the dinosaurs became extinct- they simply deflated or were attacked by an alien spacecraft with a whole bunch of pins. I’m going with the latter until someone proves me wrong. (via)

Book Igloo

book igloo

All libraries should stack their books like this. I’d totally take one from the bottom middle, every time, cause that’s how I roll. via

Picasso Style Superhero Paintings

picasso superman

What would your favorite superheroes look like if they were painted by Pablo Picasso? The Wonder Bros. give us their interpretation of what this would be with their Picasso Superhero series. Superman above. Wonder Woman, Picasso style. The Green Lantern. And the Dark Knight, the man who needs no introduction, the Caped …

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