Sitting Down, Riker Style

riker style sitting

There’s only one proper way to sit down on a chair- Riker Style. Check out this compilation clip of Captain William Thomas Riker (Jonathan Frakes) taking full advantage of the Enterprise’s wide variety of low backed seating options. Not only does he mount the chair that way, sometimes he also dismounts it- reverse …

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Darth Vader on the Teacups

vader tea cups

I’m not exactly sure that’s what they had in mind for the Disney purchase of Star Wars. Round and round Lord Vader goes, where he stops…well he doesn’t stop, cause it’s an animated gif. It’s a small world after all. (via)

Marked Up Scrabble Dictionary of a Professional Player

scrabble notations

Looks like a triple word score for sure. This is a single page taken from the personal copy of the Scrabble Dictionary of professional Scrabble player David Gibson. There’s a such thing as a professional Scrabble player? Nice work if you can get it. There’s another 600+ pages in the book just like …

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Mario Bros. Coin Block in Real Life

mario coin block real life

Sure anyone could build a box with a question mark on it, but it takes a special hand to build one that actually flings out coins when you womp it from the bottom, just like Mario (as shown in the video below):

Awesome project. Instructions here in case you’re feeling …

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Star Wars Meets Dukes of Hazzard

star wars dukes of hazzard

It’s the groundbreaking pilot that George Lucas never got on the air- Star Wars meets the classic Dukes of Hazzard theme song (Good Ol’ Boys by Waylon Jennings). Featuring Chewbacca as Cooter. Well done video Mr. Mashup Movie Maker, well done- although Jabba the Hutt should have been cast as Boss Hogg.

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King of Kong Billy Mitchell Tattoo

billy mitchell tattoo

If you have not already seen The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters then stop what you’re doing and either rent, download, or buy it right now. You’re welcome. For the rest of us, the enlightened many, we shall enjoy the majestic perfection of this Billy Mitchell tattoo with his wavy …

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Evan Scribner Uses the Force

evan scribner

Be patient young Jedi. There is no try. Evan Scribner of the Tampa Bay Rays gets a little bit of Yoda help with his pre-game workout at Naboo Stadium (photo credit).

Larger than Life Angry Birds Game

Larger than Life Angry Birds Game

People using their smartphones to play a giant size Angry Birds game. Real shooting birds and exploding pigs (fortunately not real pigs, but really exploding). Awesome.

Super Mario Brothers Bathroom


Look at what some nerd did to his bathroom- Super Mariocizing it up with a custom paint job. Anyone know a plumber?

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